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How does it work?

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Investing in girls' and women's potential

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Ending FGM and violence against young girls in Ethiopia

The challenge :

Goal :
$ 13,595

Raised :
$ 8,478

Funded :

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Human Trafficking & Exploitation
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#Go girls, go women,GO WORLD! Share. Be fair. Be mighty!

We want a world in which women, men and children everywhere can li ...

13 Members

$ 4,758 Raised

What If?

#WHATIF we invested in the potential of girls' and women?

10 Members

$ 16,824 Raised

W4 Team

W4 est une aventure innovante : la première plateforme collaborati ...

2674 Members

$ 35,846 Raised


Andrea Ashworth

Together we can and must stop the global pandemic of violence against women. Let's all take action to protect girls and women and support survivors of gender violence.

Andrea received her B.A., M.A. and D.Phil. in English literature from Oxford University and received Fellowships at Yale University...

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Clémence Poésy

As a woman, it seems unthinkable to not advocate on women's behalf, for the sake of us all

Clémence Poésy is a French actress who has brought alive an array of unforgettable female characters on stage, television, and...

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Kennedy Odede

If the world is going to change, we must recognize that we must all play our parts.

Kennedy Odede was born and raised in the largest slum in Africa, Kibera, where poverty is extreme and life expectancy can be,...

Learn more about Kennedy Odede

Anne-Marie Rocco

Supporting women is crucial. Given their energy and creativity, women are capable of moving mountains.

Born in Paris in 1954, Anne-Marie Rocco is a senior reporter with the prestigious French business journal Challenges. Anne-Marie...

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Lights, Camera, Action: A Filmmaker's Power


You first have to sense the story that you want to follow. Then you’ll find the best character. Even with the lowest-quality camera, you can have great success if you conduct a really powerful interview and ask the right questions, especially[...]

W4’s #WhatIf campaign in the Democratic Republic of Congo!

As our W4 field project coordinator was thrilled to inform us, the atmosphere was exceptionally festive in Goma, Democratic Republic of Congo, on Friday August 14th. To celebrate the launch of our new #WhatIf campaign, participants in our DRC[...]