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Do you want to change the world? You're in the right place! Join us at W4 in empowering girls and women for the benefit of everyone! You can donate to our projects around the world, launch your own team fundraiser, (e-)volunteer your skills and/or spread the word about our work!

How does it work?

Choose one or more projects you care about from our portfolio of projects around the world, make a donation and see the life-changing, even life-saving, impact of your giving!

How does it work?

Create your own uber-cool fundraising team to raise funds for (a) project(s) you care about, then invite your friends/colleagues/family to donate and change the world with you! Multiply the good and multiply your impact!

How do gift cards work?

Offer a friend/colleague/loved one a unique, unforgettable gift with a W4 gift card! When you offer a W4 gift card, the recipient of your gift can choose a project to support from among our many girls' & women's empowerment projects around the world. The recipient of your gift card will receive updates throughout the year about the project, as well as W4 "goodies" relating to the project. So offer a W4 gift card today and spread joy & love!

What if... we invested in girls' and women's potential?


What if… we invested in girls’ and women’s potential?

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Imagine a world in which the basic human rights of every woman and girl are respected.


#WhatIf girls and women everywhere benefitted from education, healthcare, the opportunity to earn an income, protection from violence and exploitation, access to new technologies, participation in political life?


#WhatIf we invested in the potential of girls and women, so girls and women could live safe, dignified lives and thrive?


Fuelled by the power of digital technologies, a committed team of passionate social entrepreneurs, and the support of our wonderful donors & supporters, W4 works every day to ensure that girls’ and women’s safety, needs and rights are respected across the globe and to foster girls’ and women’s potential.


How do we do it? We support high-impact, grassroots projects, run by local staff who understand the specific realities and challenges of their local communities, that are providing services and opportunities to protect girls’ and women’s human rights and promote girls’ and women’s empowerment. 

Why did we create W4?

Because empowering girls and women is both an urgent global imperative and immense global opportunity. The benefits of investing in girls’ and women’s empowerment are simply huge: it improves not only the welfare and life prospects of individual girls, women, and their families, but also that of entire communities and societies!


Consistently, across the globe, it has been shown that by protecting girls’ and women’s human rights and investing in girls and women’s potential, we drive socioeconomic progress, enhance business performance, boost GDP, combat extremism, promote peace and stability, at national and international levels.


And thanks to digital technology, today, everyone, no matter where she or he is located, can be part of the solution and support grassroots projects to improve the lives, even save the lives, of girls and women around the world and achieve real, sustainable, positive change for girls and women, their families and communities.



What If Ecard International Literacy Day

Why give to W4?

100% of your individual donation via W4 is directly transferred to our field projects. When you give 10 euros, the full amount of your donation is allocated to the project of YOUR choice! And donations are tax-deductible in France and the US.



What If Ecard Men Women same opportunities

Be part of the W4 adventure!

W4 is open to everyone. We invite you to log on, learn, and give financially or in-kind. Join us in empowering girls and women, their families and their communities around the world. To get involved, you can:


  1. Donate directly to a project that’s important to you by exploring our projects page;
  2. Create a team fundraiser and invite your entire network to donate to the projects you’ve selected;
  3. Contribute in-kind by becoming an e-Mentor! You can apply your knowledge and skills to help our partners develop their field projects;
  4. Spread the word about W4 and our projects across your social networks, raising awareness about girls’ and women’s empowerment.



What If Ecard AccessTechnology2


At W4 we envision a peaceful, fairer, sharing world… A world in which women and men everywhere are able to live dignified lives, free from poverty and the violation of human rights… 


#WhatIf, together, we could achieve this vision? 

At W4 we believe we can…

We invite you to join us!


#WhatIf in Democratic Republic of Congo
#WhatIf all girls and women could live free from violence?


We invite you to discover our field program in DR Congo where W4 works to help women survivors of rape and sexual violence to rebuild their lives.


The women in our program are treated at the Panzi hospital by Congolese gynaecologist Dr Denis Mukwege. Dr Mukwege won the 2014 Sakharov Award, the highest human rights accolade awarded by the European Parliament.


Through functional literacy and income-generating training programs, the women are able to create sustainable livelihoods and earn an income to provide for themselves and their children. The W4 program helps the women to gradually rebuild their self-confidence and overcome their trauma.


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Protect girls’ and women’s human rights and promote girls’ and women’s empowerment.

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Protect girls’ and women’s human rights and promote girls’ and women’s empowerment.

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Protect girls’ and women’s human rights and promote girls’ and women’s empowerment.

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