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Sponsor (a) SAFE BIRTH KIT(s); save the lives of mothers and children in Ghana


Sponsor (a) SAFE BIRTH KIT(s); save the lives of mothers and children in Ghana

Ghana 5 Contributors Launched June 02, 2018 Funding ends:30-07-2019

The challenge 

Each year, hundreds of thousands of women die because of pregnancy- and delivery-related complications. 90% of these deaths are preventable.


The Birthing Project has teamed up with AYZH, a social enterprise founded by social entrepreneur, Zubaida Bai. AYZH has developed an affordable SAFE BIRTH KIT which contains essential medical supplies to keep mothers and their babies safe throughout the birthing process.

The solutions we're proposing

W4's field program, Birthing Project, is now making these kits available for their sisters throughout Africa and Latin America. Each SAFE BIRTH KIT includes:


   → A sterile surgical blade and handle

   → A blood-absorbing soft sheet

   → Gloves

   → Cord clamps

   → Medicated soap

   → Biodegradable packaging

The impact of giving 

These six seemingly commonplace items have the power to prevent maternal and infant deaths. By sponsoring (a) SAFE BIRTH KIT, you can  give women and their babies the opportunity of a healthy, safe birth!



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Safe Birth Kits

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