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Coding clubs empower girls in Tanzania to crack the code to success!


Coding clubs empower girls in Tanzania to crack the code to success!

Tanzania 36 Contributors Launched January 01, 2018 Funding ends:30-12-2018


Winnie is 15 years old. She has been participating in Apps and Girls’ coding clubs for 4 months now. While developing her coding skills, Winnie was asked to come up with solutions to a social issue that outraged her. She chose to stand up and fight the stigma faced by fistula survivors. Her dream is to give voice to women who have recovered from fistula, in order to inform other women about the precautions to take before childbirth, the existing treatments, and the ways of overcoming such a devastating condition. She has also been elaborating a microfinance-based system to support women’s economic recovery and empowerment. Winnie is currently building a platform called Fanikisha Mama and preparing for Apps and Girls’ first annual Hackathon & Competition.


In Tanzania, two out of every five girls are married off before their eighteenth birthdays and 44% of women are either mothers or are pregnant with their first child by age 19.


Extreme poverty and girls’ lack of education fuels the prevalence of child marriage and early pregnancy across the country, and vice versa.


Girls’ and women’s education and economic empowerment hold the key to ending child marriage and early pregnancy; however, today, only about a quarter of girls in Tanzania go on to high school.


How can we encourage girls’ schooling and women’s entrepreneurship, enabling them to rise as leaders of economic and social change?  Could technology be the answer?


W4’s field project, Apps and Girls, and its team of volunteers has set up 9 coding clubs for girls in 9 primary and secondary schools throughout Tanzania’s capital city of Dar Es Salaam. These coding clubs empower girls with skills in web design, blog management, and mobile app and game development, while teaching them how to put their IT skills to use in creating innovative solutions and products as entrepreneurs!


In these coding clubs, girls participate in weekly, hands-on trainings in the latest programming languages, frameworks and app development software, including HTML, CMS, Scratch, Ruby for Kids and MIT App inventor.


In addition, the girls are encouraged to generate entrepreneurial ideas that harness digital platforms to create positive social or economic change in categories such as health, education, agriculture, gender equality and child rights. The girls form groups to brainstorm and work with mentors to build and present their final projects at an annual hackathon and competition. During this event, the girls have the opportunity to finalise their projects under the guidance of a mentor and participate in educational sessions aimed at teaching them how to pitch their projects and develop networking skills.

The impact of giving

By sponsoring girls’ participation in coding clubs, you can help girls in Tanzania develop life-changing IT skills and build future careers as successful techies and entrepreneurs! Not only do these girls acquire hard skills as budding IT programmers, designers and developers, but they also gain the self-esteem and confidence needed to pursue a career in technology and to, crucially, bridge Tanzania’s current gender gap in ICT.


Building their very own digital solutions to the social and economic issues that they, themselves, face empowers girls as everyday changemakers. With the knowledge that they are contributing to improving their communities, the girls are inspired by and proud of their work.


In the longer term, these girls will grow into women who apply their game-changing ideas to establishing companies and organizations that can sustainably transform Tanzania’s social and economic landscape for the better. They can go on to lead the movement to put an end to child marriage and early pregnancy! Further, it’s estimated that removing barriers to women’s entrepreneurship in Tanzania could add a full percentage point to the country’s economic growth rate!


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Fund 1 year of IT training for one girl

You pay for 1 year of IT training for a girl.

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Fund 1 year of IT training for 4 girls

You pay for 1 year of IT training for 4 girls.

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