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Infinite scuba


“Infinite Scuba” is a fantastic new video game that enables players to experience the thrills, mysteries and beauty of diving in the Earth’s oceans – all from their own home. It’s “Indiana Jones meets Jacques Cousteau”: fun, mysterious, and enlightening. And it was created by an equally daring businesswoman: Kathie Flood.


Kathie is the co-founder and CEO of Cascade Game Foundry, a gaming company that aims to give back by developing beautiful, educational, non-violent games for kids, simultaneously educating girls about the gaming industry and raising awareness of the critical state of some of the earth’s most beautiful seas.  


Prior to co-founding CGF, Kathie worked in the Microsoft Games Studio (from 1994 to 2009).  Now, with an emphasis on environmental awareness, education, and fun, her Seattle-based gaming company builds products that enable people of all ages and ability levels to explore the world from their own home. 


The newest CGF project, “Infinite Scuba,” is a fun downloadable diving game that realistically simulates what divers do – exploring underwater sites, identifying wildlife, taking photos, and finding artifacts – allowing players to learn about history and diving science, while developing an appreciation of our seas. 


“Infinite Scuba” proudly uses female avatars, with their newest to be introduced this month: Dr. Sylvia Earle, a National Geographic Explorer-in-Residence and founder of Mission Blue, a non-profit that raises public awareness about critical ocean issues. For every “Infinite Scuba” game purchase, CGF donates $1.00 to Mission Blue to further its mission to protect the earth’s oceans.


In addition to her environmental initiatives, Kathie is also active in talking to girls and schools about the challenges of being a female game executive in a male-dominated field. She has been a guest at several schools throughout the Seattle area and spoke last year with the GIRLSTART program in Austin, Texas – an organization that empowers girls in science, technology, engineering and math.


“Infinite Scuba” was a finalist in the prestigious Game Connection America Selected Project 2014, a finalist in the 2013 Seattle Independent Game Competition, and the winner of the Best in DEMA Show 2012 award.  It’s available for $9.99USD at Infinitescuba.

1 Comment

  1. She’s flooding the gaming World with eco-friendly education! I love everything about this article; the title, the content, the tone, the humour. If it is any reflection of Katie Flood’s games, I am sold. I’m also very happy to know that fun games of such overall qualities are flooding the market readily available to kids, girls and boys. Those games are the kind of gifts with lasting wonderful impact that iheart to give.

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