How can you help?

Do you want to change the world? You're in the right place! Join us at W4 in empowering girls and women for the benefit of everyone! You can donate to our projects around the world, launch your own team fundraiser, (e-)volunteer your skills and/or spread the word about our work!

How does it work?

Choose one or more projects you care about from our portfolio of projects around the world, make a donation and see the life-changing, even life-saving, impact of your giving!

How does it work?

Create your own uber-cool fundraising team to raise funds for (a) project(s) you care about, then invite your friends/colleagues/family to donate and change the world with you! Multiply the good and multiply your impact!

How do gift cards work?

Offer a friend/colleague/loved one a unique, unforgettable gift with a W4 gift card! When you offer a W4 gift card, the recipient of your gift can choose a project to support from among our many girls' & women's empowerment projects around the world. The recipient of your gift card will receive updates throughout the year about the project, as well as W4 "goodies" relating to the project. So offer a W4 gift card today and spread joy & love!

Thank you E-mentors!



W4’s (e-)Mentoring program innovatively connects the (carefully identified) needs of our girls’ and women’s empowerment field projects with the W4 community’s wealth of professional and personal skills. Harnessing the power of digital technology, the e-Mentoring program enables W4 supporters to not only give financially to our grassroots projects, but also to get involved by contributing their skills and expertise. W4’s e-Mentors are helping to strengthen and scale up the work of our grassroots field projects around the world. 

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We would like to thank our wonderful (e-)Mentors who have generously dedicated their time, energy and expertise to helping W4’s field projects. For further information about W4’s e-Mentoring program, please feel free to contact us


Bénédicte (1)

“Through e-mentoring, W4 offers the fabulous opportunity to help women and girls all around the world, without geographical limits, and to share our expertise and ideas with the mentees. E-mentoring with W4 makes it possible to provide more than just money to these communities of women who are fighting every day for a better life.”

Bénédicte, e-Mentor, France


“Dear e-mentors, thank you for assuming such a valuable role in ensuring our ability to support mothers around the world!”

 Birthing Project Team e-Mentees, US, Ghana & Malawi




“I became involved in the e-Mentoring program because I was inspired to make a difference in communities across the world through my skills and passion for supporting women and girls in their educational and entrepreneurial pursuits. I grew up in a community that afforded me great opportunities to pursue any goal I could imagine, and so the opportunity to give back and to see that I am able to have an impact is very meaningful. Through the e-Mentoring program, I can see first-hand that there are so many wonderful people worldwide who share a similar set of goals and mission in volunteerism and in shaping a better world. I have gained an even greater appreciation for the power of education to transform lives and the power of opening up networks of like-minded people who can share their expertise, knowledge, and time to collectively support such an important mission.” 

Elizabeth, e-Mentor, United States


“Thanks to the W4 e-Mentoring team for their continued support of our work to protect Maasai girls from child marriage and defend their right to education. We are very thankful and we are excitedly looking forward to our continued collaboration.”

 Voices of Hope Team, e-Mentees, Kenya



Photo Rowena Barte Villar

“E-mentoring with W4 has offered me an entirely new experience of sharing my professional skills for something I am truly passionate about:  empowering girls, women, and their communities, for our collective benefit. I am both mentor and mentee at the end of the day, because I also learn about broader issues outside of my usual 9 to 5 job. E-mentoring is an absolutely enriching journey filled with much laughter, work, e-mail exchanges, occasional technical glitches with Skype, depending on how well the Wi-Fi is running in different parts of the world, and several cups of tea or coffee. As mentors, we share one objective – to share our time, energy and skills to try to make the world a better place.”

 Rowena, e-Mentor, United States


“We wouldn’t have been able to achieve so much. The W4 e-Mentoring program has been of great value for our team and the women farmers we are helping and I am grateful for the collaboration.” 

 Sarah, e-Mentee and Coordinator of W4’s Acacias For All field program, Tunisia

Acacias for all - W4


Photo Anne Donnelly Bush 

“I am so happy to be an E-mentor! The stories of the hardship of the women and children in W4’s programs have moved me deeply. E-Mentoring is a flexible way for me to help without leaving my home/laptop, as I am a mother with a young child and a business here in NY. I believe in fighting for positive change in the world in any (limited) way that I can.  The work of E-mentors reaches across the globe and has an enormously positive impact on communities that we might be unable to help directly otherwise. Through the program I have gained new friends, a deeper sense of humility, and a stronger sense of how difficult it still is to be a girl or woman trying to forge one’s way and find one’s identity in this world.”

Anne, e-Mentor, United States


“The W4 E-Mentoring program is really enriching! There are lots of people willing to help and the E-Mentoring program enables mentors to work at one’s own pace, from home, and when possible. It really makes the best of everyone’s skills and goodwill. It’s a wonderful project!”

Marie, e-Mentor, France

Marie (1) 


Juliette F (1)

“Mentoring was first and foremost a great opportunity for me to get inspired by the wonderful project Acacias for All. My work was not only valuable for them, it was also very interesting for me. It did not take a lot of my time, but Sarah’s enthusiasm at the end of each session made me realize that the little bit of help I could provide was a big relief for her, simply because I was helping her gain skills that would allow her to develop the program”.

Juliette, e-Mentor, France 


“The people managing the field projects are doing a great job and we are helping them as much as we can, through the e-Mentoring program, to strengthen their impact.”

Rebecca, e-Mentor, France 



Rebecca (1)


“Too often, traditional gender-role socialization and institutionalized oppression limit the potential of women. W4 allows its community to co-create a feminist future, free from discrimination and violence. It is an honour to mentor and facilitate the empowerment of my sisters worldwide.”

Charlotte, e-Mentor, Colombia


“W4 is doing remarkable work, assisting vulnerable populations all over the world and supporting numerous humanitarian causes. I am honored to support this organization and to contribute to W4’s mission, specifically in the development of interesting and meaningful social entrepreneurship projects internationally.”

Elena, e-Mentor, Greece