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Empowering Guatemalan women through education


Empowering Guatemalan women through education

Guatemala 13 Contributors Launched January 23, 2017 Funding ends:30-06-2018
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Currently, over a tenth of Guatemala’s population struggles to survive on less than $1.25 PPP per day – and over a quarter of families across the country are considered to be “multidimensionally poor”, facing deprivations in education, health, and their standard of living. In Guatemala there are also high rates of violence against women and high rates of child malnutrition, particularly among rural, indigenous populations. 

The solutions we're proposing

W4’s field partner, Friendship Bridge, has created monthly non-formal, participatory education lessons on topics clients identified as most important — such as business, money management, self-esteem, women’s rights, health, and children’s education. This education is part of Friendship Bridge's Microcredit Plus program. Friendship Bridge’s 60 Facilitators deliver the Non-Formal Education lessons at monthly meetings. Each month, Friendship Bridge’s 22,000+ clients receive the same monthly curriculum, which Facilitators adapt to their particular clients’ lives.


Friendship Bridge's educational curriculum is unique and responsive to their clients’ needs, taking into consideration that the average Friendship Bridge client has 2.6 years of formal education, is unable to read and write, and is unlikely to speak Spanish (Guatemala’s official language). Lessons are interactive and are delivered through participatory activities, as well as flipcharts that have illustrations and pictures to accompany any text so pre-literate clients can follow along. Additionally, Facilitators must speak Spanish and the local Mayan language of the Trust Banks they serve to ensure that all clients can understand the lessons.


By financing Non-Formal Education sessions, you are supporting women on their journeys to becoming empowered. Through this education, women acquire vocational skills, obtain knowledge about their rights, and develop self-confidence.


One of the first things women do with their newfound empowerment is invest in better nutrition for their families, a significant step in a country where nearly half of children suffer from malnutrition.  After education sessions, women are also committed to sending their children to school. Additionally, after being a part of the Microcredit Plus program, women are empowered to stand up against domestic abuse and become leaders in their families and communities. 


One Friendship Bridge client, Otilia, said, "I have learned so much - to be organized with my time, to manage my budget, and to send my children to school. This is all thanks to the training I received from Friendship Bridge." Thanks to the education Otilia has received, she is growing her business and serving as an example to other women in her community.


Friendship Bridge believes in a hand up, not a hand out. Your donation isn't charity, but rather supports long-term, sustainable solutions to poverty. Through their Microcredit Plus program, Friendship Bridge clients learn how to manage their businesses and invest in their families, thus contributing to Guatemala's economy and securing better futures for themselves and their families. Friendship Bridge is committed to ensuring your donation has the highest possible impact. 




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