How can you help?

Do you want to change the world? You're in the right place! Join us at W4 in empowering girls and women for the benefit of everyone! You can donate to our projects around the world, launch your own team fundraiser, (e-)volunteer your skills and/or spread the word about our work!

How does it work?

Choose one or more projects you care about from our portfolio of projects around the world, make a donation and see the life-changing, even life-saving, impact of your giving!

How does it work?

Create your own uber-cool fundraising team to raise funds for (a) project(s) you care about, then invite your friends/colleagues/family to donate and change the world with you! Multiply the good and multiply your impact!

How do gift cards work?

Offer a friend/colleague/loved one a unique, unforgettable gift with a W4 gift card! When you offer a W4 gift card, the recipient of your gift can choose a project to support from among our many girls' & women's empowerment projects around the world. The recipient of your gift card will receive updates throughout the year about the project, as well as W4 "goodies" relating to the project. So offer a W4 gift card today and spread joy & love!

Project Creation FAQ


Choosing W4

What sets W4 apart from other crowdfunding platforms?

100% of funds raised go directly to your project. W4 is the only crowdfunding platform dedicated to girls’ and women’s empowerment that does NOT take a commission from donations to cover its operational costs.


Creating Your Project 

Who can create a project?

In order to guarantee that the projects included on our platform are fiable, effective, transparent and trustworthy, non-profit organizations and social entrepreneurs interested in including a project must first complete a partnership application form. Our team will then review this application to see if the project fits our selection criteria.

Does W4 review all projects before putting them online?

YES. W4’s team reviews all projects in order to ensure that they are in line with our due diligence selection criteria. This serves as a guarantee to donors that they are supporting sound, effective, well-managed development projects. Once approved, we also review the drafting of fundraising projects and offer helpful tips on how to attract the most donors.

Can my project be based anywhere in the world?

YES. W4 welcomes projects based in both developing and developed countries across the globe.

In what language can I write my project?

W4’s platform has both a French and English version. You can thus write your project in French or English or both. W4’s team is available to help with any translations.

Can I choose a category for my project that differs from those proposed by W4?

When possible, choose one or two categories that most closely describe your project. However, if you find that none of W4’s proposed categories fit your project, you can contact our team to discuss the possibility of creating a new category.

Are there restrictions on setting my project’s fundraising goal?

NO. You can set your fundraising goal according to your project’s needs. However, once your goal is set, you cannot modify it.

What is the maximum amount of time that a project has to reach its fundraising goal?

A fundraising goal can range from 1 – XX days. That being said, we suggest setting an end date to your project that keeps it active for a period of 30 days or less. Projects with shorter durations tend to be more successful and incite donors to contribute with greater speed, keeping up momentum for your project.

When will I hear if my project has been approved for inclusion on W4’s platform?

We will respond to your application within 48 to 72 hours. Once your project is approved and ready to go online, you will be notified by email.

What should I do if my project doesn’t meet W4’s selection criteria?

If you are a registered non-profit organization, you can contact our team here

Do I have to pay a fee to create a project?

NO. Access to and use of W4’s crowdfunding platform is FREE for everyone.


Managing Your Project 

When can I begin my fundraising campaign?

You can begin your fundraising campaign from the moment your project goes online.

Where can I find my project on W4’s platform?

From W4’s homepage, click on “Explore Projects” in the upper menu. From there, you can use the sorting options to find your project.

How can I share my project across my networks?

At the bottom of your project’s page, you’ll find sharing buttons that enable you to post a link to your project to different social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, and Google+). You will also find a button to share the link by email. We suggest starting your fundraising campaign by inviting your innermost circle then branching out to your wider networks. Tip: As momentum for your project builds, it’s important to keep your contacts engaged with regular updates on your fundraising progress.

How can I get my project to appear on W4’s homepage?

Mobilize your networks! We include the projects with the most funds raised on our homepage.

Can I edit my project after it goes online?

YES. You can add more images and/or video and edit the text. However, you can neither modify your profile name nor the project’s end date, fundraising goal, or country.

Can I edit my project after its fundraising goal has been reached?

NO. Once your project has been fully funded, it can no longer be edited.

How can I monitor my project’s progress?

Each project includes its own progression bar that indicates both the percentage of its fundraising goal that has been met and the amount of funds raised.

How can I keep track of my project’s donation activity?

To stay up-to-date on your project’s donation activity, log in to your user account. From your user profile, click on “Project Activity”. There, you’ll find information on donations to your project, your rewards, recipients’ delivery addresses, etc.

What information can I see about donors to my project?

From your user account, you can see their name, donation amount and their shipping address (if you have chosen to offer rewards).

Who covers the costs of banking/PayPal transactions for donations?

W4 covers the costs of all financial transactions made through its crowdfunding platform.

For how long can a project remain on W4’s platform?

Your project can stay on W4’s platform for as long as it needs funding. For transparency purposes, W4 does not remove any projects.

Can my project raise more funding than its goal amount?

YES. There is no maximum limit for fundraising for your project.

What happens if a project reaches its goal before its end date?

You can continue raising funds for your project until its end date, despite having already reached your fundraising goal.


Offering Rewards 

What can I offer as rewards for donations?

Rewards are original items that you can offer in limited amounts. These items should be relevant to your project and as personalized as possible. For example, you may offer “Thank You” e-cards, photos of the girls and women benefiting from your project, products created in the framework of your project, etc.

What types of rewards are prohibited?

Rewards must not be prohibited under law. They cannot be of an offensive, pornographic or alcohol/drug/weapon-related nature. You cannot offer financial, employment or political incentives. Rewards must also be original creations – you cannot offer items produced outside of your project.

How do I charge for the shipping costs of sending my rewards?

You should take into account the costs related to shipping your rewards (postage, envelopes, etc.) when setting your fundraising goal and pricing your rewards.

How do I retrieve the shipping addresses of my rewards recipients?

Log in to your user account. From your user profile, click on “Project Activity”. There, you’ll find information on all pending rewards, including the shipping addresses for recipients of your rewards.