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Friendship Bridge Guatemala - W4

Friendship Bridge provides education and microcredit opportunities to rural Guatemalan women so that the women can create their own solutions to poverty and improve the lives of their families and their communities.     The challenge(s) that Friendship Bridge is addressing:   Guatemala suffers some of the worst rates of poverty, illiteracy, violent crime, and child malnutrition in Central America. The most populous country in Central America, Guatemala’s per capita income is half of the average for all Latin American and Caribbean countries. The country’s […]


Mountain2Mountain works to empower girls and women in Afghanistan and harness their potential as change-makers and catalysts for peace and prosperity in their communities.     The challenge(s) that Mountain2Mountain is addressing:   Afghanistan remains one of the most dangerous places in the world to be a woman. Indeed, in Reuters’ Trustlaw 2011 poll “The world’s most dangerous countries for women”, Afghanistan ranked as the most dangerous country in the world for women. Afghan girls and women continue to face discrimination and inequality, high rates of maternal mortality, […]


SAWERA strives to empower women in rural northwestern Pakistan through innovative projects that promote literacy and employment opportunities, while also combating domestic violence.     The challenge(s) that SAWERA is addressing:   On July 4, 2012, Farida Afridi, a 25-year-old women’s rights activist and Co-founder of W4 Field Partner, Society for Appraisal and Women Empowerment in Rural Areas (SAWERA), was murdered in the Taliban bastion of Peshawar. The loss of such a courageous and committed individual is a tragedy, but W4 is proudly supporting her […]

Children of Asia Laos-W4

Children of Asia Laos provides care and educational opportunities for Laos’ most impoverished girls and young women so that they can acquire the skills and qualifications they need in order to lift themselves out of poverty and build safe and dignified lives for themselves and their families.     The challenge(s) that Children of Asia is addressing:   W4’s Field Partner Children of Asia works to provide educational opportunities for girls and young women from extremely poor, rural, ethnic minority communities in Laos. Poverty is […]

Share a child-W4

The Share A Child Movement provides education, training opportunities, and child rights advocacy for the most vulnerable and impoverished women and children of Cebu, the Philippines, giving them the opportunity to free themselves from the risk of abuse and exploitation and to create safer, brighter futures for themselves and their families.       The challenge(s) that The Share A Child Movement is addressing:   In the Philippines nearly 23% of the population lives on less than $1.25 a day—and desperate conditions in many rural […]

Children of Asia Philippines-W4

Children of Asia Philippines provides crucial educational opportunities and vital services to vulnerable girls and young women from the poorest families in the slums of Cebu city. This support gives these girls the opportunity to escape from poverty, empowering them to build safer, brighter futures for both themselves and their families.     The challenge(s) that Children of Asia Philippines is addressing:   Living and working conditions in the rural areas of the Philippines are often severe, with much of the population exposed to extreme […]

Children of Asia Cambodia-W4

Children of Asia’s programs are empowering Cambodia’s poorest girls and young women to build safe and dignified lives for themselves and their families, through education and training opportunities.     The challenge(s) that Children of Asia is addressing:   Children of Asia strives to protect and empower underprivileged girls and young women in Cambodia (who are either orphans or from extremely poor communities) by providing them with comprehensive care and educational opportunities: shelter, food, healthcare, schooling, vocational training, and university scholarships. The organization also funds […]

Children of Asia Vietnam-W4

Children of Asia works to protect the right to education of the most impoverished girls and young women in Vietnam; providing crucial care services and educational, vocational training and university scholarships, the organization helps vulnerable girls and women lift themselves out of poverty and build positive futures for themselves, their families and communities.     The challenge(s) that Children of Asia is addressing:   Vietnam has made great progress in economic growth and social development over the last 20 years. Today, 13.1% of Vietnam’s population […]


RUWON Nepal supports women from excluded and marginalized communities and regions, aiming at sustainable and equitable development through social inclusion, advocacy, and empowerment programs.     The challenge(s) that RUWON Nepal is addressing:   For many women in rural Nepal, daily life is a struggle: faced with poor access to education, healthcare, employment, rights to property, and suffering a social status inferior to that of men, they find poverty an often unavoidable reality.   In Eastern Nepal these problems have been greatly exacerbated by the […]


mothers2mothers South Africa tackles the issue of mother-to-child transmission of HIV by training and employing HIV-positive mothers to work with local healthcare teams and provide training and support to pregnant women and young mothers who are also living with the virus.     The challenge(s) that mothers2mothers South Africa is addressing:   South Africa is among the countries most severely affected by the global HIV epidemic and has the highest prevalence rate of HIV in pregnant women in the world – a staggering 30%. Without […]