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Events: women & girls leading change

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, Women’s WorldWide Web Founder Lindsey Nefesh-Clarke will participate in a round table discussion hosted by Ashoka on the theme of women’s empowerment and social entrepreneurship in 2011. The debate will follow a documentary about the crucial, inspiring work in the domain of women’s rights of Dilma Felizardo Ferreira in Brazil, Halime Güner in Turkey and Somaly Mam in Cambodia.

For more information on Ashoka France’s Alter-Tuesday debates.

Women’s WorldWide Web Founder Lindsey Nefesh-Clarke, will be the keynote speaker at the Annual International Dinner of ESCP-Europe on 7 February 2011.

The gathering will bring together alumni of renowned institutions such as ENA, ESSEC, INSEAD, Polytechnique, HEC, Sciences-Po, and ESCP-Europe, to discuss creative capitalism, or the collaboration between business, the public sector and non-governmental organizations with the goal of innovatively addressing global economic, social and environmental challenges.

Lindsey’s talk, entitled “Virtuous Profit or Profitable Virtue”, will explore trends in corporate social responsibility and innovative joint private-public-civil sector initiatives which are blurring the for-profit/not-for-profit boundaries and achieving triple bottom line results: financial profitability and social and environmental gains.

Guests will participate in open discussion to exchange insights into their experiences and reflect on the future of corporate social responsibility.

For further information on this event.

On 9 December 2010, Women’s WorldWide Web will participate in the week-long Digital 4 Change Conference, organized by Danone and HEC, which will assemble specialists in the technological and social arenas to discuss ways of galvanizing the potential of digital technologies to achieve positive social change.

Women’s WorldWide Web is currently organizing, in partnership with Danone and ESCP-Europe, a Women’s Digital4Change conference to be held in the near future. This gathering will bring together digital social entrepreneurs to exchange ideas and experiences on the role technology can play in overcoming the gender digital divide and empowering girls and women worldwide.

For further information on last year’s Digital 4 Change conference

The 2nd Annual Hanson Wade “Innovation in Microfinance” Conference will be held in Washington, D.C. from 25 October to 28 October 2010. Lindsey Nefesh-Clarke, on behalf of Women’s WorldWide Web, will be a guestspeaker, alongside representatives of the Rockefeller Foundation and the Pan-American Foundation, in a panel discussion focusing on the social impact of microfinance.

From 26 May to 28 May 2010, the Association of MBAs will hold its Annual International Conference for Deans and Directors in Berlin, an event that has been established as an essential gathering for business educators in the world’s leading institutions. Women’s WorldWide Web Founder, Lindsey Nefesh-Clarke, will speak at the event on the theme of “Responsible Management for a World in Transition” to express the importance of pushing corporate social responsibility up the business agenda and mainstreaming corporate social responsibility in business education.

Learn more about International Conference for Deans and Directors

Women’s WorldWide Web Founder, Lindsey Nefesh-Clarke, will be a guestspeaker at the Paceworking 2010 Conference Women Making a Difference in 2010 and Beyond to be held in London on 14 May 2010. Lindsey will speak on the subjects of women’s human rights and women’s entrepreneurship in the wake of the economic crisis. Other panelists will include Ms Ceri Goddard , CEO of Fawcett Society, a UK-based organization working for gender equality, and, Ms Jacqueline Hunt , Director of the London-based international human rights organization Equality Now.

For more information on the Paceworking Conference

escp women's group logo

Lindsey Nefesh-Clarke of Women’s WorldWide Web has been invited, as an alumna of ESCP-Europe, to speak about women’s education and development at the ESCP-Europe Executive MBA Women’s Group. Lindsey’s talk will explore the themes of girls’ and women’s education and sustainable development, gender diversity and corporate performance and best business practices in fostering women’s leadership in business. 

For more information on the ESCP-Europe Executive MBA Women’s Group

On International Women’s Day 2010 (8 March), Women’s WorldWide Web Founder and Director, Lindsey Nefesh-Clarke, will take part in the Reuters UK live blog debate on the current challenges to achieving women’s social, economic and political parity.

We invite you to read Lindsey’s article on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2010.

For further information on the 2010 Reuters UK International Women’s Day live blog